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About Daly

Daly Elementary School is located in Inkster, Michigan as a part of the Westwood Community School District. We are a small learning community where students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them to be successful life-long learners and world-class leaders.

School Mission, Vision, Belief Statements

Mission Statement:
It is the mission of Daly Elementary School along with the stakeholders to provide all students with an academically rigorous, safe and nurturing learning environment.

Vision Statement:
It is the vision of Daly Elementary School, along with its stakeholders, to create a learning environment where children develop an innate passion to learn academic and social skills that will help them become productive, world-class citizens.

Belief Statement:
All students can learn when provided with a rigorous academic program that recognizes each child’s individual academic, emotional, social and physical needs.
The school, in partnership with parents and the community, plays a vital role in developing a child’s academic achievement.
Students will rise to meet high expectations and learn best when they are actively involved in learning.
The curriculum should promote critical thinking and problem solving skills to equip students to become productive members of society.